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Welcome to Red Line Daily. This is a site where I will be writing up any information that I may find useful in my automotive adventures. Either in the form of a write up/guide in the Tech section or a news post in the Journal about something I did, hopefully it will be interesting. As long as people enjoy, that is all that matters. I personally own a 1968 Ford F250 and a 1984 Toyota Corolla (AE86) so most of the site will pertain to the two vehicles. Please feel free to wander around. If you feel that you need to tell me something, please let me know via the contact page.

The name Red Line Daily does not come from there being posts on this site every day. I would love to, but I need to pay my bills as well. I got the name because I own a POS little car that I push to the limit daily. Every day, at least once, I hit the red line in any car I drive. Beside the point that they are usually slow cars..... I can't let all the carbon build up in the engine you know. =D

Please bear with me as this is a new site and there is not too much info here yet. Don't worry... I have 2 old cars... one of which is older than me... Leaves room for a lot or work.

Minor update... I havn't worked on this page in a very long time and life has kept me too busy to keep it up. I will hopefully be updating things shortly.

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